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The Australian Dollar is Forecast to Suffer a % Loss vs. the Pound in According to one Analyst. Modified: Thursday, 08 February

An exchange rate is the ratio of one unit of currency to another unit of currency. An exchange rate is established between different currencies to facilitate inter-country transactions. The conversion rate between various currencies depends mainly upon the demand and supply relationships. Because exchange rates are fluctuating in nature, companies and dealers are subject to exchange rate fluctuation risks.

There are two important types of exchange rates that prevail in a foreign exchange market. They are the Spot Exchange rate and the Forward exchange rate. Spot exchange rates are the rates that are applicable for purchase and sale of foreign exchange on spot delivery basis or immediate delivery basis.

Although, the term spot denotes immediate happening and closing of transaction, practically it takes two business days for a spot exchange transaction to get settled.

So, we can say that the Spot rate is the rate of exchange of the day on which the transaction has occurred and of the days the execution of the transaction is taking place. Forward exchange rates, in contrast, are the rates that are applicable for the delivery of foreign exchange at a certain specified future date. For example, a foreign exchange contract may specify that the payment has to be settled after 3 months, or it may be a day maturity contract.

When a contract is agreed upon, the dealer of the foreign exchange settles the payment due after the day period at the agreed forward exchange rate. This settlement will be at the initially agreed rate, called forward exchange rate, and will not be affected by the spot exchange rates prevailing at the time of settlement at maturity. This is a way by which uncertainty and risk could be avoided in dealing with foreign exchange transactions. NetDania does not guarantee the accuracy of data contained on this website, nor do we guarantee that data is real-time.

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