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The first Beer Festival held in September was purely a bit of fun for rugby club members held inside the club with half a dozen barrels of beer and a great weekend was had by all so it was decided to run the event again the following September.

My best lead was this site: Die Bildung der Ackererde durch die Thätigkeit der Würmer.

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OTG: £5 per bike The dates can vary slightly, and was moved from Jan 1st to the 2nd if the 2nd was not a work day, or the first Sunday if it was, the reason for this is that more money was raised doing it this way as many bikers were still groggy from the new years celebrations to do it on the 1st.

Sadly this will probably be my last time running this one as I'm moving down to South Wales in the not too distant future.

Euan ran his first 10K today at Telford, crossing the line in Colin takes a firm lead at the top of the table. Can anyone catch him now?

Any race including park runs until 31 December! Just email janemccarthy me. We were greeted at the end with a team gold tea pot, and tea and cakes in the tea room at Fishers. See Ilkley Harriers Facebook for photos. Braving the wettest weather the Dales could throw at us, 20 runners gathered on Friday night for a weekend of fell and trail running, fitness tips and coaching, good food and good company.

Organised by Mel Steventon at Due North, the weekend was open to anyone interested in getting into, or improving, their off road running. Runners came from various parts of the country individually or in small groups. Base was the YHA in Kettlewell. Guided runs took us around 20 miles and over metres of ascent through Wharfedale and surrounding moorland, all beautiful even on a damp day. For me the big draw was the time spent with Nicky Spinks and Ben Mounsey covering practical and structured approaches to ultra and fell running.

Nicky gave us insights into mental as well as physical stamina based on her incredible endurance achievements including the Double Bob Graham record. Anyone who hasn't seen Ben Mounsey climbing at speed is in for a treat. He uses all fours on the really steep stuff, transforming into a kind of man-ape. I intended to video him descending but by the time I had the camera going he was a speck at the bottom of the fell.

Warm up sessions, theory and practice for strength and conditioning were provided by personal trainer John Withinshaw. An emphasis on core strength and stability to improve your running and prevent injury came across from all three experts, with some great ideas and exercises to implement. The YHA did a top job keeping us fed and the social aspect was excellent, with time to unwind and bond over a shared interest in running. I thoroughly recommend the weekend to fellow Harriers.

Due North offer ladies-only weekends as well as races, talks and navigation skills. This was the last in the series with the lowish turn out reflecting the wet, windy weather added to the thirst or not for finial positions, the rules being you had to race in 6 of the 10 races to get a medal and to qualify for a prize for your age category the signs were that if you weren't going to do that the weather helped the decision making to run or not!

I struggled in that I was trying to get under 25 mins so that all my races would be in the 24 mins however I see I also beat the first F 60 and F 55, so the weather is a good excuse! Highlights from the series are Nathan Edmondson's two second places at Look out for the dates of the series, it is a good course to test yourself over the year or from time to time.

He finished in a superb 7th place but just missed out on automatic selection for the GB Team. This is a League Race for and can fill up quickly. See the events on the League page. This event provides a novel opportunity for runners and cyclists to mix it up a bit and see who's quickest.

The route, gradient and mix of terrain are cleverly planned by Bingley Harriers to even up competition, with cyclists having to carry their bikes at various points on the outward climb to Baildon Moor before catching back up with the runners on the fast return leg.

Cyclo-cross is the bike of choice, and as I don't subscribe to that particular brand of lunacy and didn't fancy carrying a full susser up ft, I went for the 'safe' option of running. Seeing some of the cyclists practising their descents before the race, sliding sideways through cow pats in the lower field at speed, confirmed that decision.

Decent conditions probably favoured the cyclists slightly this year, and despite my decision to run I couldn't help feeling I'd forgotten something while lining up empty-handed among cyclists at the start. The ascent got a bit congested in the narrow paths through the woods in Shipley Glen. Bikes were being carried at various heights and angles, and attention was required to avoid getting any of your anatomy caught in someone's derailleur. I spent most of my energy on the climb, but managed to hang on in the descent other than a couple of cyclists who came by at speed and with serious agility.

A few cyclists overtook their own bikes in the ruts of Baildon Moor, but good communication between runners and riders helped prevent anything more serious. Outright victory has alternated between runners and riders over the years. This is a well established event with good organisation and support - a memorable experience and great race to participate in either discipline.

Free bottle of beer and chip butties at the pub after and tea and homemade cakes. Plenty of great Ilkley performances at this gruelling event - Jack Wood taking second place, Michael Lomas beating three hours for the first time in some style 2: I didn't know what I was letting myself in for, though the 'AL' category should have been a clue - 27km to cover and nearly 1,m of elevation gain.

The first climb up from Barley was fine and conditions were good but it got harder and harder towards the finish, with the final three seriously-steep ascents stacked close together and tough even at walking pace.

The first 3 miles is a ft climb on to Scout Scar so it felt more like a fast fell race. Just missed 1st V50 by 10 seconds. Kevin Dempsey, Vegan Runners, won the best combined time for all 5 marathons in a time of 22 hrs 8 mins and 48 seconds. My finish time was the third fasted time of the series.

Today I took part in my ninth, and probably the last marathon of the year. The Temporary Committee also agreed a consultation process that will involve further liaison with stakeholders to avail of their expertise and in-depth knowledge of the discipline.

The Temporary Committee will hold its next in-person meeting on 15 January and there will be a dedicated Endurance session at the FEI Sports Forum April during which the Temporary Committee will provide an update to delegates. Grania Willis Director Communications grania. Other top priorities were the anti doping rules, types of FEI course, horse and rider qualification processes, and weights.

The full results of the member consultation have now been sent to the FEI Temporary Endurance Committee in advance of their first meeting on the 12th December. Endurance GB and SERC fully support the FEI Temporary Endurance Committee in its stated mission to bring the discipline back to its original roots of Endurance riding as opposed to Endurance racing, with horse welfare and horsemanship at its core, while maintaining the competitive aspect of the sport. Endurance GB has 23 Groups covering England and Wales - so have a look on the Groups page for links to activities in your local area.

Just to whet your appetite here is the link to the Mid South's website and their plans for next year! In September the BHA issued a notice advising trainers to be cautious when using products containing altrenogest, which is the active ingredient in Regumate.

This advice was issued as a result of reports from an Australian laboratory that trace levels of an anabolic steroid had been detected in products containing altrenogest. The use of Regumate in mares has been permitted under FEI regulations for a number of years and altrenogest is not on the Equine Prohibited Substances List. The use of Regumate in mares is, therefore, not currently prohibited.

Please see the attached memo from the British Horseracing Authority concerning the use of Regumate. This has been prompted by some anabolic steroid positives in Australian racing. Testing of Regumate in the UK has revealed the presence of an anabolic steroid, trendione. Although trendione is not itself on the FEI prohibited substance list it is a metabolite of the banned substance trenbolone.

Therefore, until further clarification from the FEI, the use of Regumate in competing horses should be viewed as extremely risky. We are waiting to hear further from the BEF on this matter. BHA Notice - Regumate Graffham Down is very sadly postponed due to a waterlogged venue; a rather soggy route; and yet more heavy rain forecast for this week.

We will be running the ride later in the year and a new date will be announced in the coming days. Click here for Full List of Rides. Please email news endurancegb.

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