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Programmer 1, View 7. Constantly checked the app to see what the wait times were.

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All trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners and used here for identification purposes only. Alexa ranks on 5,, in the world ranking. This site service in France. It has 10 category. Its IP address is Last updated on Wednesday, 12 April Software 62, View 2. Consulting 30, View 3. Then there is the lounge, where everyone talks to every other disney fan, and good friendships are made, with meetups of mousewaiters happening on a daily basis.

Everything I need in a disney app is there except for a few minor things: The app used to be good. It doesn't let you submit updates very well and the times are in accurate from the Disney posted lines. Again used to be great needs improvements hope they update it to be what it used to be! This app is awesome and it was free. It gave all information we need to plan for all the attractions.

This is a great tool for season ticket holders. Info are easy to read and accurate! I can't live without this app! So much fun, informative and up to date! I love checking in to see what's happening at the parks.

This is a great app and it is usually pretty accurate on wait times. Even if I am not going I love looking just to see how crowded or not. Great app a must to have. I love this app! I highly recommend this app!!

I use this app for every Disney adventure! Helpful to know which attractions are closed ahead of time. This app does not update the times for rides for up to 6 hours. So you think the ride is 30 minutes but it's actually 90 minutes. This App really sucked with Android. Now that I switched to iPhone, this App is amazing works great. Great all around user experience. There are many Disneyland apps available, but I appreciate the fans and users daily support to get accurate and real time information about all of our favorite Disneyland and DCA rides, attractions, wait times, hours, and more.

This app used to be important before Disneyland created their own app but hasn't had any real changes since. However, now that they have an app that doesn't require the input of it's users, this one kinda falls apart.

It needs a lot of people to be using it to be accurate and that just isn't the case anymore. Times are rarely updated are usually a wildly inaccurate estimation. People aren't using the app in Disneyland so there's no way to know that it's actually quite busy in there.

The other features of this app are confusing, at best and the "message boards" are like some kind of time machine to the days of Usenet, but somehow even harder to follow. Avoid this app to avoid disappointment and download the official Disneyland app instead. I just spent two days park hopping throughout Disneyland and California Adventure. Constantly checked the app to see what the wait times were.

Every time, without fail, it was inaccurate.