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I explained to them - multiple times - that the WU office in Japan requires the recipient's photo ID and name match exactly with the name on the money order. When wanted to cancel, it took couple calls to do just that. Western Union has a very high number of positive customer reviews.

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So, is Western Union safe to use? Western Union is the most experienced company in the money transfer industry, the largest, and probably the most trustworthy. They have an impressive track record of serving hundred of millions of customers and are very reliable.

Money laundering, scams and fraud have sometimes been associated with Western Union. As the largest money transfer provider in the world, Western Union is unfortunately sometimes exposed to a small group of people trying to game the system to their own advantage for illegal activities. Western Union has to follow strict rules to prevent fraud, money laundering, and terrorism financing, and has a dedicated team and infrastructure for regulatory compliance.

Western Union allows you to send money from a lot of different countries. Use cases include paying suppliers, employees and partners around the world, accepting payments from foreign customers, and sending mass payments globally. In , Western Union Business Solutions launched WU EDGE, an innovative online platform for SMEs to make and receive international payments, hold foreign currency, track their payables and receivables, and manage their cash flow and foreign exchange risk.

This allows consumers to make use of a professional platform for making high-value international payments. Bills can be paid using a debit or credit card, bank transfer, or with cash at a Western Union agent location.

The Western Union prepaid card can be used to shop online, buy groceries, pay bills, or collect cash at an ATM. You can get a direct deposit of your paycheck and receive government benefits directly on your Western Union NetSpend Prepaid MasterCard, which gives you a quicker and more convenient way to get and use your money.

The points above are added to calculate the "Customer satisfaction" score of Western Union, who scores 7. Western Union has great reviews written by over 4' customers on Trustpilot. Here's a summary of what Western Union customers have to say:. The points above are added to calculate the "Customer support" score of Western Union, who scores 6.

The points above are added to calculate the "Transparency" score of Western Union, who scores 5 points on a maximum of 10 points. The Western Union mobile app allows you to send money to , agent locations or 1 billion bank accounts worldwide, wherever you are and at any time.

All you need is a credit or debit card which you can scan within the app by using your camera. With the Western Union mobile app, you can also track the progress of a past transfer, or estimate the fees or find a nearby agent location for a future transfer. After divesting from its telecommunication activities in the 80s, Western Union started sending money outside the US, and positioned itself as "The fastest way to send money worldwide".

In , Western Union launched WU. The first integrations were made with WeChat and then Viber, and the company intends on continuing to grow the number of integrations with 3rd party platforms.

Send money to the Philippines from the United States. Send money to the Philippines from the United Kingdom. Monito's mission is to help you and thousands of others each day find the best providers for your money transfers. We do that by providing real-time comparison of exchange rates and fees you can use the form below to make a comparison and by writting in-depth reviews about money transfer providers.

We have partnerships with many money transfer providers Western Union included , which help us get access to their exchange rate and fees information which we always check for accuracy.

Those partnerships help us support our activity and offer our service for free. We put a lot of efforts to review money transfer providers like Western Union in details and based on objective and verifiable criteria. Before you make an international money transfer, compare the costs of the different options on Monito. Rates and fees change often, so for the best deal, do a comparison before every transfer — they may have changed since you last sent money. Once you enter the details about where you are sending money from and to, click on compare.

The best option is at the top, but you may want to consider other criteria such as the speed of transaction or the pay-in or payout methods. Monito is an independent company based in Switzerland. We have an affiliate partnership with Western Union, this means that we generate revenue when we refer new customers to Western Union. We have such affiliate agreements with all the main and innovative providers of the industry, which allow us to remain independent and provide accurate and honnest information to our users.

This review of Western Union is based on objective and verifiable criteria. Yes, Western Union is a legitimate company and a secure option to send money abroad. Western Union is part of Monito's network of trusted partners. We only compare money transfer operators or banks that are fully authorized and monitored by the regulatory authorities of their operating countries.

All you need to know before sending money with Western Union. Our independent review of Western Union. Last updated August Written by Laurent Oberholzer. Go to Western Union. What we like about Western Union. What we dislike about Western Union. Alternatives to Western Union. Read in depth review.

Western Union is very often the cheapest option. Western Union fees and exchange rates are often competitive. Western Union doesn't offer special promotions to Monito users.

Monito cannot access real-time pricing information from Western Union. Transfer fees Western Union fees depend on the amount sent, the send and receive countries, as well as the pay-in and pay-out methods. Exchange rate Like most money transfer providers, Western Union makes part of their profit by taking a margin between the exchange rate they offer their customers, and the exchange rate at which they can acquire the currency.

Very few Monito users going to Western Union end up making a transfer with them. It's very easy to open an account with Western Union. Setting up your transfer is relatively straightforward. Western Union is fully licensed and authorized. Western Union has many positive customer reviews. A very large number of customers already trust Western Union. Western Union employs a very large number of employees. Western Union has been mentioned in countless recognized media outlets. Western Union is a long-established company.

Western Union allows you to send money to a lot of different countries. Western Union is available in many different languages. It is possible to pay for your transfer by local bank transfer.

Western Union offers additional pay-in options. It is possible to send the money to your recipient's bank account. The money can be delivered to a cash pick-up location. The money can be sent to a mobile phone airtime top-up or mobile wallet. Western Union has a bill payment service. Western Union doesn't offer additional banking features. Western Union offers guaranteed exchange rates. There is no minimum amount or very low. Everyone had a different story: I've tried time and again to login, to change password, and to resolve the issue by calling Western.

Meanwhile, a relative abroad in a bad situation is waiting for the money to be sent. Today when I mentioned to a representative that I will switch service, she said: Anyway, I switched to another transfer service provider and do not intend to use Western again. It's sad that western union, with years of experience in the market, have such issues and hire staff who aren't able to resolve the problem, or don't train them enough to be able to resolve it properly.

Every time I try to send money with the app or online I get error code c Spoke with an agent on chat and they tell me it is because the transfer would be in violation of some countries sanction program but I can send it at a location. Why would it be possible to send it at a location but not the app or online? A sanction is a sanction right? If it is allowed one way why not all ways. Western Union is the horriblest service I have ever had to all the customers that sending money or receiving money the easiest way fastest and friendless way start using Walmart to Walmart it is a lot cheaper and you have no issues Western Union is horrible I will never use this service ever again they expensive and you can't get your money when you need it I sent money at 9 a.

I could not send money to a friend in another country. The WU website is not working, I am getting an error message C I made several calls to WE tech support, sent e-mail with a screen shot, but got absolutely no respond.

I even suggested w the cause of the problem, but there no people even to listen. I wish CompareRemit had the option to rate negative. Its IT and Customer Support system is still in the dark ages. I used to be a regular customer of WU who sends huge chunks of money every month, until lately. Recently, I have started to realize that the app history of transactions, tracking system and customer support are totally out of sync with each other.

Having worked in the money transfer industry before, I understand that not all transactions to a foreign country are successful because of various reasons beyond the middle agent's WU in this case control. But, what is in their control is that when a transaction is declined accurate information is made available to the customer as soon as it is available, either through email push alerts, tracking portal, etc. WU is an exception. First, it's email alert system won't work. It seldom sends any information to educate the customer of a cancelled transaction so that the customer can prepare to re-initiate the transaction or look for other means to send money, which is often time bound.

Second, transaction history on the app and website displays 'Complete' status despite transaction is cancelled. Second, when taken to the notice of WU customer support, the personnel have no clue of the mismatch.

When probed further, they blame it on the IT systems saying the systems updates only after a couple days. Come one guys, we are living in the age of instant money transfer service to thousands of miles. And last, when asked about where one could see refund status of cancelled transactions, customer support regretfully says there is no way one could check the status online without contact them. The bottom line is that one has to initiate the transaction and hope for it to reach its destination.

In the meanwhile, you're uncertain as to what has happened to your money. I know the feedback is a little lengthy but, I hope this clarifies how WU conducts its business and cares for its customers.

I agree with many of the negative reviews. I put my request through first time and was told on chat it was wrong number that was in account holders information. No problem fixed and remitted. Got a call almost 1 hour later asking me the questions on the form I filled out, my email, my reason for sending, names and city He Than asked me my date of birth which many of us are told not to give out on phone due to identity theft this was no where on form so told him no.

He said they were a financial institute and they had right to ask this So will not be using Western Union and make sure friends and family know of the rudeness and unawareness of employees to ask this information Its is over one month they used money and have not refunded to me.

To me it is fraud for using my money and not remitting to my account in India. This has happened to me along with others I believe so.

They should close business as it pertains to mafia type activity. Tey tell you they are sorry but just cant solve the problem.

They will ruining your day screw up your finances and they just dont care. The lies and misleading information is amazing. I sent money online yesterday and was received right away. Then I sent another money today to a different receiver and was declined. I called the customer service and he asked me tons of questions to check my identity and even asked me how am I related to the receiver and the purpose of sending the money??? Is this really needed - they need to know the reason why I'm sending money?????

He refused to say the reason why he's declining it In case I answered some questions incorrectly he should have more ways to check my true indentity I'm using their service from past 10 months and I didn't experience any issue.

Moreover, the money gets transferred in a day. I tried using Western Union to send money online and I got a call from their "digital review" personnel in Costa Rica who "interviewed" me "for my own protection against fraud" and the guy determined that I should be denied and so he cancelled my transaction.

The "interview" about me, my personal background, my reasons for sending the money, etc. In reality, he was not a personable person and wielded around his power over whether he would allow me to send money. He asked very "leading" questions and made several false assumptions. He also refused to tell me why he was rejecting my transaction. I ended up speaking to his manager who was as incompetent as he was, as well as two others in their "customer service" department in the Philippines who were nice enough people but said that there was nothing that could be done since the original idiot had already cancelled the transaction - they said I would need to go back online and start over by making a new transaction.

As if I'm going to bother with that! It's little wonder this is a dying business which deserves to die a slow agonizing death. If you try looking for their financial performance as a company good luck, they buried it in their annual report on page !

No wonder, as they've had declining revenue and income since When i tried it first time , my money went immediately. After that whenever i am trying it is taking 1 week to transfer the money. When i am trying to do the transaction from debit card, it is not allowing me. When i spoke with their customer care , they told the process might be different from person to person without giving any valid reason. Not sure , why do people use these kind of services.

It would be lot of tension when you send your money through this. I have WU for more then 5 times. No issues and amount credited to my bank's on time. Honestly why does this company even still exist. What a freaking rip off. I haven't used them for five years and now I remember why. After spending half an hour on their broken web site I called and spent half an hour on the phone with their rep who took all of my personal info including name, CC number, DOB, 2 phone numbers, mailing address, yada yada and then they declined my card.

They gave me a list of 5 "possible reasons" but would not tell me the actual reason. I tried another card and same thing. About this time I started to remember something. I remembered that every freaking time I have used these people in the past, this same type of crap has happened! Why do I keep coming back for this abuse? Well in the age of smartphones I don't know why anyone would. Stay away from these fools. Send money using any other service. They wouldn't even give me a chance to prove it!!!

The second investigation paper was written, your transaction dated December 30th !! It was November 26th !!! They can't even get the year right within years!! These people are a joke! They assume no responsibility and basically laugh at you for trying to recover your money!!

They will not release the location where the money was picked up in the foreign city so I can't file an investigation there. After a month of asking for the signed paper used to pick up the money they sent me a photo copy of the paper with the signature whited out!!

They won't release the video footage of the person picking up the money nor the photo copy of ID used. Forget the outrageous charges they have. They will just give it to someone else with no valid ID and then say it was your fault! Its a shame they make you put at least one star on this review!

I don't know how they can legally get away with running a business like this. Whatever you do, do not send money with them!! Use any other company. I guarantee they will be better. I have never been treated so poorly by a company as a customer. You advertise a service and as a customer I expect you to carry out my wishes. This exactly the opposite of what you have done for me.

I just have one question. Who died and made you think that you are God Almighty to be making very poor decisions over my interests and wishes. You have the poorest most rude arrogant attitude towards the customer. Have a great day. You can either listen to what I have to say or I guarantee that if you don't you will lose a lot of business.

What I have seen is the reality of a poorly run business. My brother died in FL, my parents flew down from VT.

I wanted to help with the financial situation, as they are short of money. Come to find out one doesn't support wire transfers, OK. I have two other good cc's to use. I tried to wire to a checking account and to a location in FL. My credit company said that I was good to go, even had the out of the country provision on the one with the most credit available.. BUT, apparently WU's validation procedure wouldn't allow any transaction to go through.

I checked with the cc co's and the transactions never even hit them. I am so disappointed in WU. They are supposed to be helpful in dire needs. There were not in any way helpful for me. I asked why the validation was not completed and they said that there were so many reasons why! Well, I cannot understand in the least, it hurts that I have great credit and cannot help my parents out in this time of need.

FYI, my parents did have just enough cash to make it home to Vermont, yesterday, barely. Tried to transfer money to India. It's been a month and the money still not deposited to Indian account nor returned back to my US account. They asked questions that are way too private and personal. I objected and their reply was 'federal regulations'. I asked if federal regulations specify this particular set of questions. The agent turned a deaf ear and kept asking me the next question.

They ill treat people.