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Mezzanine Finanzierungsinstrumente in der Privatplatzierung Das Netzwerk der Dr. Werner Financial Service AG ist seit 31 Jahren führend bei den stimmrechtslosen mezzaninen Finanzierungsinstrumenten und in der kapitalmarktoreintierten Finanzierungsberatung sowie bei der Umsetzung von Eigenkapitalbeschaffungs-Maßnahmen zwecks Unternehmensfinanzierung durch Beteiligungskapital .

Werner, I had to me five, for myself new points of information taken down which will help us in the future very much.

"Verschlechterung der Bonität" English translation

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Because of the overwhelming data volume, it has not been possible to carry out a manual editorial check on all of these documents. So, we logically cannot guarantee the quality of each and every translation. Werner Financial Service Netzwerk. Werner Göttingen ist seit 30 Jahren am Kapitalmarkt bei Finanzierungen für Unternehmen mit bankenunabhängigem Investitionskapital tätig Rufen Sie uns an: Gründung, Investitionen, öffentliche Bürgschaften für Beteiligungskapital, verlorene Zuschüsse etc.

Verkauf von Vorratsgesellschaften ist Vertrauenssache und bedarf qualifizierter Beratung von der Dr. Investoren ist der Emissionsmarktplatz.

Betriebsmittelfinanzierungen ohne Bank Fondskapital und Projektfinanzierungen sind mit einem Fondsprospekt über den freien Kapitalmarkt mit der Dr.

Everything about the financing without loan economy, the procurement of capital of Legern and investors, about investment capital without right to vote, renovation capital, Mezzanine financing and Venture-Capital - protection of the financing and the liquidity care!

Horst Siegfried Werner reports all facets of the financing oriented to participation. Appropriations, subsidy capital and financial supports of the alliance, the countries and the local authority districts as well as the KfW bank for small business and for innovation projects.

Finanz-Dienste aus einer Hand: Werner Financial Service AG. The information on the occasion of your event was exceedingly helpful. I have learnt a lot. Werner Financial Service Group offers a good network possibility. I was inspired by your event. The yesterday's Finanierungs-Workshop was very good.

It has opened new perspectives for us. Our Small Capital issue has excelled up to now our expectations more than. It has been worthwhile every cent and each of my a total of 1, driven kilometres because of the extremely interesting information.

Werner Financial Service AG was organizational and content, had succeeded substantially very much. The seminar fees and the provided knowledge as well as the überlassenen seminar documents stand in a very favorable relation. Werner, I had to me five, for myself new points of information taken down which will help us in the future very much. Now we have an other new establishment and I ask for first consultation appointment.

They are the "leader" of the private Placements. Qualified engineer Otto H. It showed that our participation made sense for us and necessary. Our recognition and thanks for the achievements of the whole team of Dr.

Werner, with the clear financing examples has impressed my colleague of the management and me very much. Their implementation to the added value by material insert and for the change of obligations in company capital gave us the best suggestions. Their statements to the increase of capital by material insert about a stock society to the balance effectiveness of quiet reserves were very exciting. Werner a compliment for the very well organised seminar. Special supplier of US vehicles with rebuilding service grows at the German market Holding company with 1 euros of million capitals in different branches actively WRV Enterprise group already has a real estate portfolio of more than 20 euros of million in the continuance Innovations in cooperation with institutes of the universities of Cologne and Freiburg as well as the Kredbsforschungszentrum Heidelberg Swiss transport and logistics group expands to Northern Europe and East Europe With the improvement of the mood in the capital markets the pleasure right order should be increased in General Biometrics GmbH with new biometric capture about a Sensorpad is brought to the international security markets.

If biometric security technology patented among other things by Scannung of motion sequences absolutely certainly about forgery KG as a special transportation company wishes participation partner. Family enterprise expands successfully by special transports for the chemical industry Delespa administration of property society mbh aims at an other Aufkapitalisierung with investor's capital. Specified enterprise on listed residential real estate and trade real estate goes to the participation market On the regional level successful child magazine pursues expansion to the nationwide magazine for children at the Preschool and basic school age Enterprise of the energy branch developed successfully decentralised power station system with high saving costs SwissValor Deutschland AG with a capital of With Swiss management quality by enterprise and real estate participation yields of approx.

Investor's letters to sponsor now also on www. Werner Financial Service Group now with even bigger publicity Building contractor group works for 1a-tenants with in the long term secured hire contracts New social network originates with commercial added value services Appointment overview to financing and investors measuring in as well as appropriations addresses.

Werner Financial service INC. Venture capital, liquidity u. Capital-givers and investors f. Venture capital obtains and capital for businesses without banks has been our central business for 31 years! With the correct funding-concepts to the success. Capital and funding for credit-refusal.

Business-funding of participation-funding over the capital-market with personal capital independently of banks with a participation-offer. Funding of private Placement or funding over the stock exchange. We produce the capital-market-brochures or participation-outlines about the industrial funding as well as. Use loan capital business-bond , morgage-bonds, morgage-pleasure-rights, mortgage deeds, participation-oriented funding-forms fund-capital, Mezzaninekapital, stock, open venture capital, investment-emissions, after-position-loans, without banks over the edition of quiet venture capital, pleasure-legal-capital, profit-loans etc.

Our funding-services support you with the procurement of company-capital, foundation-capital and redevelopment-capital. Business-redevelopments also are marketable with redevelopment-fundings.

With share-emissions, bond-emissions or pleasure-appearance-offers, we bring you to the commercial funding at the participation-market or over an IPO on the stock exchange.

We develop the BaFin-Verkaufsprospekte u. BaFin-konforme participation-outlines and offers a Full-Service incl.. Reserve-companies as well as. Auffanggesellschaften for end-foundations to the order and existence-protection; distant fund-foundations of the funding: We bring together you with investors and capital-givers see www. After your election, we convert the capital-procurement for you. Practical examples find you www. The finance-procurement of venture capital in the practice - finance-seminar at the Our nearest capital-procurement-seminar to the major-market-oriented business-funding with and without BaFin and to the redevelopment-funding over venture capital without banks with Dr..

November in Göttingen instead of. Information about the funding-seminar with information regarding investor-fairs and the registration finds you on the following sides. A video gives impressions of the entrepreneur-funding-convention: The "somewhat different F i n a n Z i e r u n g " for businesses with non-voting venture capital of private-investors of the capital-market - business-funding of bank-credits - funding of the personal capital - money for investments - business-capital-procurement - fundings for originators - alternative funding-forms for the middle class and family-companies - finance-capital for real estates and fact-installations: Funding-alternatives and funding-ideas in the bank-crisis to the avoidance of liquidity-clamps, also fundings of the business-redevelopment!

Werner Financial Service AG -. Capital-procurement with success - success-report of the Financial Time Capital for non-voting participation-basis, fundings for businesses and KMU's without credit! Businesses in the crisis get redevelopment-fundings as risk-capital to the finance-stabilization.

Fundings obtain u the finance-market-crisis in times through private-capital as capital for investments. Fundings for real estate-investments; Mezzanine-Finanzierungen as personal capital to the improvement of the liquidity and the Bonität as well as. Also fundings for businesses over stock, Kommanditeinlagen, kg-fund-major or other open participation-moneys for co-owner-shaft of the capital-givers or with fixed-interest investments as bonds or morgage-bonds or step-interest-bonds are marketable, be it as stock exchange-emission IPO as newcomer-mission or outside the stock exchange as Pre-IPO.

No securities as well as. Besicherungen necessary Money for businesses: Capital-procurement for securities and without transfers as pure risk-capital and without credit-securities as well as. Fundings for existence-originators as private risk-capital without Besicherungen, since the sponsors give up securities.

Bonität and liquidity increase and Rating-Steigerung for middle-class businesses under protection of the protection-means. Liquidity to the business-redevelopment Capital-increases - also to the redevelopment of businesses - are possible with new personal capital and new liquidity. Funding-problems with KMU's remove through capital from private as business-capital: Capital-procurements for KMU's and fundings for companies are to be managed successfully over a private-positioning.

Our capital-market-experts and Dr.. Capital-procurements with and without bank-supervision-authorization BaFin are load-bearing with us and realistically marketable. We produce investment-loose investment-sale-brochures with BaFin-Gestattung or investment-brochures with BaFin-Billigung. So, participation-offers bring a current positioning-success with a forward-looking Equity story for businesses!

Singles-projects can be realized with fund-capital and project-fundings. For investors is valid: In the bank-crisis better the capital in the real-economy aims. Capital for bank, without stock exchange and funding without foreign-influence!

A pure bank-funding always means another indebtedness and a deterioration of the personal capital-quota. An equally scattered balance-structure is better! So, a liquidity-clamp is avoided: We structure your participation-offer. Die Vorratsgesellschaft kann vielfältig als Zweckgesellschaft bzw. Sie brauchen eine Vorratsgesellschaft z. Wir zeigen Ihnen die Finanzierungswege. Financing and private Placements with the Dr. Werner Financial Service AG from the first sight:.

Free treatment of your financing application for the enterprise financing - english spoken. Übersenden Sie uns Ihren Finanzierungsantrag. Company headquarters of the Dr.