Die Börse - Entstehungsgeschichte und Bedeutung


Welche Funktion hat die Börse? Bärenmarkt Ein Markt, in dem die Preise sinken.

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To promote efficient services by brokers, merchant bankers, and other intermediaries, so that, they become competitive and professional. Regulatory Functions Regulation of stock exchange and self regulatory organizations. Registration and regulation of stock brokers, sub-brokers, Registrars to all issues, merchant bankers, underwriters, portfolio managers etc.

Registration and regulation of the working of collective investment schemes including mutual funds. Prohibition of fraudulent and unfair trade practices relating to securities market. Prohibition of insider trading Regulating substantial acquisition of shares and takeover of companies. Power to compel listing of securities by public companies.

Power to levy fees or other charges for carrying out the purposes of regulation. Power to call information or explanation from recognized stock exchanges or their members.

Power to grant approval to bye-laws of recognized stock exchanges. Powers of SEBI continue.. Power to control and regulate stock exchanges. Power to direct enquiries to be made in relation to affairs of stock exchanges or their members. Power to make or amend bye-laws of recognized stock exchanges. Power to grant registration to market intermediaries. Power to declare applicability of Section 17 of the Securities Contract Regulation Act , in any State or area, to grant licenses to dealers in securities.

The Central Government has also power to give any guideline or to make regulations and rules for SEBI and its operations. This fund is used to meet the expenses of the Board and to pay salary of staff and members of the body. Following the acquisition, its group firm Sesa Goa was to make an open offer for buying an additional 20 per cent in the company that owns India's largest on land oil field.

But the company could not make the open offer following an oil ministry intervention with SEBI. The ministry said the deal was contingent upon government approval, which is still under process. SEBI is holding back the approval for the open offer as the government is yet to give its go ahead. This will be the second time the Deccan Chronicle would come out with an offer to buy-back its shares, following which the equity of the promoters in the company could go up to Resource Handbook for academic deans.

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Higher Education, 38, Collect Leads new Upload Login. Loading SlideShow in 5 Seconds.. Email Presentation to Friend. By chaney Follow User. Charakteristika Lessons to be learned Quellen des Einflusses. Hochschulen sind eigenständige Wirtschaftsbetriebe und werden von einem nicht-akademischen Verwaltungsrat board verwaltet. Das amerikanische Bildungswesen versteht sich als Dienstleister Vielfalt.

Trägerschaft und Anzahl Studierender Wenngleich die Anzahl privater Einrichtungen überwiegt, wird der überwiegende Anteil der Studierenden an öffentlichen Einrichtungen ausgebildet. Leitungsstrukturen an US-Hochschulen Quelle: Formal gleiche Ämter können sehr unterschiedlichen sein Anforderungen, Aufgaben, Rechte, Pflichten etc. Betrachtung der Rolle der akademische Führungskräfte Chairs und Deans insgesamt.