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The Best Penny Stocks to Buy for 2018, No. 2: Capstone Turbine Corp.

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CGNT makes products in the fiber optic and video endoscopy sector for medical use. Endoscopy is a way for doctors to look inside of the body by inserting a small camera. It's an endoscopy system that offers doctors and hospitals an all-in-one platform that helps reduce capital and maintenance costs. As healthcare costs skyrocket, the medical sector is increasingly interested in cost containment. In July , Cogentix announced it had agreed to an exclusive licensing agreement with Promepla, a medical devices maker, to roll out a series of products for endourology.

Three investment firms have ratings on CGNT shares. CPST is based in southern California and offers products and services for a range of microturbine applications. Their products can be found in combined cooling and heating systems and generators for charging batteries used in hybrid electric vehicles. They forecasted that the company would break even at fiscal year-end , which occurs in March. Up to this point, the company hasn't been profitable.

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