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Catalog Data Solutions Technology Applied to Cheesecakes Catalog Data Solutions CDS , a leading provider of online product selection tools for industrial suppliers and distributors, announced successful application of its manufacturing industry catalog and ecommerce technology in a consumer application for Charlies Cheesecake Works. Terry Wohlers takes some time to explain his opinions on rapid manufacturing with ConnectPress.

Richardson and David A. Prawel Lean and mean is today's machine for success. This white paper explores some ways how to achieve just that. Error in Generating Sectional Views 1 answer When I generate a sectional view from a main view generated from the Assembly which has approx 15 sub-assemblies, I get a error message as "Relimitation has failed for body 'xxx' of part 'yyy'".

Hatching Color in Drafting 2 answers How do I change the color of the hatching in drafting? The total length of threading is 78mm. Can someone help me with this? New Handheld Z Corp. From where it can be downloaded free? Can someone tell me why this is?

Do I still need this one? Can someone tell me what may have caused this? Got questions about Product Lifecycle Management? Reprinted witrh permission from John Stark Associates. Check out the top-ten list of PLM pitfalls and avoid making the same mistakes in your company.

New Nvidia Gelator 2. Smiths Aerospace Chooses Altair HyperWorks Engineering Altair announced that Smiths Aerospace, UK, a leading transatlantic aerospace systems and equipment company, has selected the Altair HyperWorks CAE technology suite to support the development and structural analysis of their aircraft landing systems and components.

First Look at the New Aberdeen Group However, now I'm not able to open the file anymore. The error message reads: It writes a log file for error.

Can some one tell me why? Michel Bonnamour offers another method to create a prism in Catia V5. Don't get left behind! Check out all latest information on what's happening in the world of Digital Parts Catalogs.

Automating the Automation By Jack Thornton of Mindfee Marcomm An in-depth case study of challenges and solutions in simulation software which results in higher efficiency and better results. Amber Dunning, ConnectPress Staff. Save as New Option 1 answer In Tools Standards option to display the Standards Definition dialog box window, how do you activate the save as new option? Import Points from Excel 3 ans Please, tell me how I can import some points' co-ordinates to draw a spline.

Widescreen Settings 3 answers My displayed models appear stretched horizontally on the screen distorted because I have a widescreen monitor. Gear Joint 1 answer If anybody tell me about gear joint, and how can I simulate gear. Please provide an example. Create a Note That Will Change with the Drawing I would like to be able to create a note that will change on the drawing as I change to different configurations. A PR spokespersons' declaration that Adobe effectively ended the 3D viewers war with its entry into the marketplace has provoked strong response from competitors.

Submitted by VCollab VCollab software delivers high-performance visualization of multidisciplinary product engineering data using a single lightweight viewing technology. With speeds ranging from 55ppm to 85ppm, the four modular designs offer highly developed functionalities each in a single, smart and easy to use system.

Publicity and How to Get It. They're a big part of our business. Shouldn't the message evolve with the media? Software has announced that MD Nastran Rotor Dynamics has successfully met its two-year goal to provide an industry standard for rotor dynamics simulation. Simulating Rack and Pinion Arrangements 2 Ans How would we simulate a rack and pinion arrangement if the rack is circular and has teeth on outer periphery using kinematics module?

Purpose of "Edit Link" 2 Answers What is the use of "edit link"? Help Creating Transparent Diagonal Text. Several Questions Is it possible to reorder the "Inputs of components"? This doesn't allow me to change an individual dimension.

Get the Latest on 3D viewers in Our Roundup. CFdesign Academic Instruction Program Blue Ridge Numerics has announced the immediate availability of a special program designed to provide engineering students and faculty with affordable access to CFdesign for effective, hands-on instruction of fluid flow and heat transfer topics within existing MCAD-centric courses.

Moffatt High-tech visualization systems offer amazing insight and greater understanding for project engineers. Point Cloud Data in CATIA 1answer I have scanned a surfboard and I would like to translate the point cloud or planner sections so that they are as parallel and perpendicular to the axis planes as possible. This version will be replaced by an optimized PDF in approximately two weeks time. This new release introduces an advanced and unified modeling environment, integrating all the required model creation and simulation tools to perform accurate system-level performance analyses.

Powercopy Problem in CATIA V5 R16 1 answer When instantiating this powercopy within my main file containing the whole design, the power copy retains only the dimensional value but not the connection to the formula. Catia V4 Solid Generation 1 answer When we create a solid in catia v4 it generates a no. Cool 3rd Party Tools Roundup Part 4: Don't miss out on this exciting plug-in. This release is available to all Mastercam Maintenance customers.

Proficiency set out to do what was viewed at the time as impossible: Exchange feature-based designs between disparate CAD systems. Morley and Brian K. Seitz, two experienced engineering professionals. Cool Tools Roundup Interview 2: See what they have to say about their diverse analysis product line. Read on for more! So how do they move earthly 3D models?

Actify Ships SpinFire Pro 8. This new update of Cyco AutoManager Meridian helps organizations to share their technical information across the enterprise. Sikorsky Aircraft Launches Nationwide Campaign for Engineers Aircraft has announced a nationwide campaign to recruit more than engineers to meet growing demand for the company's military and civil helicopter product lines. Get your copy today!

Expert Todd Reade offers 7 Tips and more for overcoming the challenges of data translation. TopSolid'Mold Present at MoldMaking Expo TopSolid offers powerful, industry-specific solutions for designing products and producing tools for mold making and cutting tool production. Right Hemisphere Delivers Deep Server 4. Data, and without sketching any profiles? How can I avoid this happening?

See how these youngsters designed their way to victory. Henke was selected for his life-long dedication to the CAD industry.

Overall PLM grew 8. Read more about it! Linking Two Mechanisms Together 2 answers How can I link two Mechanisms, that come from two Assemblies together, and get them to work simultaneously? New Mastercam X Wire Brings Efficiency and Speed Dramatically streamlined and featuring powerful new features, Mastercam X Wire has been designed to reduce programmer interaction and increase machining flexibility.

What's Up With Dassault? This page gives customers the opportunity to explore some of the latest features in the Mastercam X family. Dell to Aquire Alienware Dell announced it has entered a definitive agreement to acquire PC maker Alienware, known for its case design and high-performance gaming systems.

Treasury Secretary John Snow visited its corporate facility. Read all about it! See what's new for next year's event in Las Vegas. How to Move the Position of the Geometry I wanted to know how to move the position of the geometry to new position relative to global axis system without using the translation command? Survey Shows Girls' Negative Impressions of Engineering According to the SWE survey, 75 percent of girls surveyed do not plan on pursuing a career in science, math or technology.

Geometric Launches GeomCaliper V1. Changing the default unit to inch How do I change the default unit to inch for the measurement dimensions in drafting? Design Table Can someone tell me how to avoid that exclamation point?

Learn to customize BIM length, width and height. California Schools Form 'Spintronics' Research Program Spintronics relies on the spin of an electron to carry information and holds promise in minimizing consumption for next-generation electronics. Digital Fingerprinting to Catch Cyber Thieves AC codes protect multimedia content without compromising the quality of the multimedia product or inhibiting legitimate uses.

Roland Celebrates 25th Anniversary Roland enjoys a commanding lead in sales among manufacturers of wide format inkjet printers in the durable graphics industry. Richard Riff's appointment highlights the importance of Product Data Integration. Installation Problem On both installations, I get 'd: Flatfiles 1 answer I need to know how to open.

Solid Modeling How is a Boolean operation sequenced in solid modeling? Mark Roberts writes this explanation of a functional, yet easy plug-in as part of our Laser Scanning Roundup. Specification Tree, Swept Command 1 answer What are processes to display the specification tree, except F3? Simulate A Spring What do you use to simulate a spring to take the remaining degrees of freedom out so that it will run? Grid Computing Innovator to Lead Computation Institute The Computation Institute addresses challenging computational and communications problems arising from a broad range of intellectual pursuits.

Dim documents1 As Documents: Import Point 1 answer Can I import point from an Excel file? Earlier Version and Part File 1 answer Is it possible to save a part file in an earlier version? International Plastics Showcase This event recognizes molders, designers, toolmakers and end-users for design excellence.

New Features, Industry Firsts Sun claims that its workstations blow away the competition with 12 new world-record benchmarks. Our new Workstation Vendor Guide is handy, too. Thumbnails How do you change thumbnail pics? Thumbnail Pics How do you change thumbnail pics? Opening Drafting File 1 answer After opening a drafting file we found the following errors. Is Wildfire competent to it?

Interview Questions 1 answer Can kind people send me questions that I might encounter in interviews, concerning v4 and v5? Spec Tree 2 answers I've reset tab pages in option to default, but that didn't work either. Text On Sketch 4answers How do I put text onto a sketch?

Change Reference System 3 answers How can I change the reference system of a part in a reference system of the assembly which contains that!? IP Protection Top Concern The report provides recommendations to help resolve some of these top concerns for companies pursuing global design strategies. F1 Books, Informatix Release Mastering Piranesi v4 Mastering Piranesi Version 4 provides clearly detailed and illustrated exercises on all tools and features of Piranesi. Magnet Provides Promise for Electronics Advances Penny-sized magnetic films are central to a discovery of how to conduct resistance-free electricity in a manner thought impossible.

March 4, and the national competition will be on April 1. Edges of 3D Model 5 answers How can we select the edges of the 3D model as a sketch of the next creating model? Icon Move 3 answers I'm making the mobile phone. If anyone has read it, please help me understand it. Animation, Surfacing and Part Modeling Can anyone suggest project having animation, surfacing and part modeling?

Procedures 1 answer What are the different procedures involved in creating a solid from a surface. True Length Dimensions Is there a way to keep true length dimensions, and keep them associative, after using a broken view? Best of the Best: Part II By Richard Williams Richard Williams is back with his insightful look into free and "almost free" software and utilities for engineers. Be sure to check this out. Lab Vibration The new solution supports endurance testing, online damage monitoring and trend analysis.

IBM, Dassault Launch Innovation Initiative These solutions are designed to integrate product development and delivery for businesses across the entire enterprise. DMU Kinematic Simulation I am trying to build a simulation, based on curve point joint, but it is not getting resolved for simulation.

See how your system measures up to these workhorses. Text Query I want to know how I can get a query of text in Excel. Static Analysis 1 answer Does someone have a tutorial for it? Split and Trim 4 answers What is the main difference between split and trim? Alibre Design Version 9 Released Design configurations are now supported in parts, assemblies, drawings and Bills of Materials. Learn TUKAcad in Hindi These videos are detailed enough to teach users how to utilize the software for pattern making, grading and marker making.

Romich is an accomplished software industry business executive with significant international experience. Join Faces 2 answers How can I stitch or join faces? Dies and Molds 1 answer I'd like detailed information about the design of pressure die casting molds and dies.

He helds a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Denise Tan has 12 years of experience in process development, manufacturing operations and program management in Amgen and Lonza Biologics Singapore. David is the Global Director of Managed Services at Zenith Technologies and leads the delivery of site services to the Life Science Industry, with a team of over engineers working out of 16 offices globally.

He has delivered Automation and MES projects for clients including: David has integrated risk management into project management to improve delivery, decision making, accountability and prioritisation. David has direct experience ensuring that Automation and MES projects and services have clear business cases and deliver on their promised benefits.

Lynn has extensive experience in auditing of Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Consumer and Food companies globally, specializing in Laboratories, and in the past one year she has audited in 20 countries. Lynn has 36 years of Research, Quality and Operational experience including commissioning, validation and successful FDA approval of a pharmaceutical green-field startup API manufacturing site, in companies including Sanofi-Aventis, Tetra Pak etc. Lynn holds a M.

Elad has led a Global Engineering company through multiple projects, coordinating between projects different stages to deliver clients project requirements. Dec are experts in supplying safe and contained powder handling solutions in the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Over the past 30 years Dec has gained extensive knowledge and experience concerning health, safety and containment in relation to powder processing. Dietrich is a frequent speaker at conferences worldwide and his articles promoting safety aspects of powder handling have been published in scientific journals.

With more than 20 years involvement with computerized systems, Gunnar has for the past 8 years focused specifically on laboratory workflow optimization, technical controls and regulation compliance.

With increased regulatory focus on benchtop instruments, computerized systems and data integrity in the lab, Gunnar is actively involved in trainings, white papers and seminars to increase awareness of this important topic. He has carried out transfers of early phase, late phase and commercial products; both within organizations and to CMOs.

Hazem Eleskandarani holds a master degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Utah and is a licensed Professional Engineer. Hazem has 30 years of diverse experience that includes manufacturing, plant engineering, process design, technology management, and project engineering. He began his career in in the steel industry as an equipment engineer responsible for equipment PM and plant annual shutdown repairs.

In , Hazem joined Fluor Daniel working on pharmaceutical projects, before moving to Jacobs Engineering process equipment group.

Hazem lives in Worcester, Pennsylvania. As the Director Human Performance Services at CAI, Harry Benson leads a team of experienced professionals in developing and executing programs, processes, and tools with industry organizations to standardize and improve the performance of their people.

A former nuclear-trained submarine officer and Master Training Specialist, he is an expert in organizational culture, performance improvement, and learning solutions design and delivery with over 20 years of experience in applying current methods for organizational effectiveness and learning within highly technical environments.

His methods have led to major skill improvement, driving results-based performance for the U. Nuclear Navy and companies ranging from small to Fortune Since she held several position in Ciba-Geigy in Quality Control laboratory continuing after the merge with Sandoz to become Novartis in She likes to work in the area of interface between science and practice with pharmaceutical development and commercial sites.

He held positions of increasing levels of responsibility during his tenure at a major global pharmaceutical company, including executive-level positions. Davidson is eminently experienced in all aspects of technical, chemical, analytical, and pharmaceutical development, from new product development concept through marketed product. Davidson manages the overall Lachman efforts involving Analytical and Bioanalytical laboratory compliance, drug development, including Quality by Design, and data integrity in pharmaceutical manufacturing and testing.

Externally, playing a leading role among all the Regional Regulatory professionals in AHWP Asian Harmonization Working Party , and was invited to provide regulatory training to local universities and industry organizations.

In his professional career, Prof Wong developed the First Asia Regulatory Affairs Certificate course since with more than students in alumni. Previous position to Pharmaessentia, he worked for Impax Taiwan as technical service Engineer, he was responsible of multiple kinds of production related validations and process developments in small molecule. With over 20 years supply chain logistics experience, Jeroen has an in-depth knowledge of the supply chain industry pertaining to cold chain shipping.

Before joining WuXi Biologics, Dr. Li was a cell culture process development Group Leader at Genentech Inc. After five years of accomplishments in developing the market in France, in , he took over the position of Market Manager for the Pharmaceutical activity with the mission to drive the market to international business, then followed by developing Blue Chips relations as Strategic Account Manager, in Johann actively launched new global partnerships around product developments, research programs and sustainability.

In her role, she is greatly involved in conference and event planning, promoting ISPE, providing technical input and supporting the President and the Affiliate with all relevant business. Shanshan has been in the industry for more than 12 years. Shanshan has lived and worked in Europe and Asia. By training, Shanshan is a Biochemical Engineer, with a M. Engineer by Education, working in the Pharmaceutical Industry for the last 12 years holing various role in biotech greenfield projects and Tabletting manufactuing.

Mehul received his Bachelor of Science degree in cellular and molecular biology from the University of Michigan and his Master of Business Administration in finance from the University of Delaware. In her current role, she is responsible for the start-up of Biologic operations and heads the Biologics purification operations. Melis has established experience in four greenfield projects and regulatory audit experience.

Sc in Life Sciences, majoring in Biomedical Science. Michelle Peake has been working in the field of biotechnology for over 20 years, for companies in Australia, England, Malaysia and Indonesia. She has worked in all areas from research, to process development, with her main experience in cGMP manufacturing for biopharmaceuticals. In December Michelle was appointed as the Director of Manufacturing for Alpha Biologics, a biopharmaceutical CMO in Penang, Malaysia, where she was responsible for the design and construction of the Alpha cGMP facility and equipment and establishment of the company.

He has worked at AbbVie since its inception in and assumed his currently role in Prior to this; he held senior engineering and manufacturing roles within the Glaxo group of companies.

His core skills and experience are in manufacturing and compliance management; process design and improvement; risk management, validation and operational excellence. Maurice has assisted numerous organisations to establish, improve or scale-up manufacturing operations and GMP compliance in Australasia and the Asia Pacific region. He joined the Singapore Economic Development Board EDB in , placed in charge of key accounts in both the research instrumentation and pharmaceuticals sectors.

Following this, Nigel spent three years in New York as Centre Director, building and managing partnerships with companies in the northeast US, across a wide range of industries.

In the first 9 years he worked for Unilever and Bic leading supply chain operations and projects. In he has joined Roche Pharmaceuticals as Supply chain and Procurement Director of the Italian affiliate and manufacturing plant. Outside work Paolo enjoys spending time with his family, travelling and the many other good things life can bring every day.

Currently held the position as Head Project Management Asia and is responsible in all capital project execution within the Asia region. Pierre has worked on numerous microsphere projects globally, highlighting the best industry practices to drug manufacturers and helping them overcome various production challenges such as scaling-up production of their Long Acting Release LAR injectable drugs. With a degree in chemistry and chemical engineering, Pierre combines the scientific mindset with the practical approach of the engineer.

Applying analytical skill and practical sense has proved the perfect fit for design and commissioning activities in a field that requires accuracy and productivity. After working in several projects around Europe as consultant for one of the leading pharmaceutical company, he opened his own service company in , and is currently providing services on 3 different projects in Singapore and China.

He believes in People skill and manages them at their best, to optimize the available competences. His customer is his concern, whom he advises and supports throughout all project phases, according to identified needs. In the past few years, his work focused on building the CHO-based monoclonal antibody technology platforms for biosimilar and biobetter in China.

Wu has a Ph. Talented professional manager with more than 17 years of robust experience using exceptional leadership skills to coach, manage, and motivate diverse professionals in supply chain. He is responsible for all supply chain activities including: He also served earlier as a Production Manager in Julphar for 9 years.