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Ramzz 23 August at He smiled feeling that finally he has submitted to her. He too gazed his body and found her nail makes almost all over his body. What did you ask aman?

Arshi TS:Forever,Together

And now it all made sense, the lost deal for sure had to do with these transfers. He needed to get to the root of this problem, whoever was involved in this, would be a dead piece of meat now. More precisely our accounting and their law department, I need the information on my desk the first thing in the morning.

Get our team of investigators to work on this. This matter is far deeper than I thought. Khushi wrapped up the file she had been working on, tucking a pen in the file where she left off reading it, picked her bag, and walked out of her office, exchanging smiles with her co-workers.

The poor punching bag went back and forth countless times from the powerful blows Arnav was giving it. Sweat formed on his forehead and dribbled down his face, slowly continuing its trail down his neck, joining other beads of sweat on the way to his chest. His muscles flexed through his vest and hairs bounced on his forehead as he gave another blow to the punching bag.

His phone rung on the table placed in the huge room of his personal office. He saunters towards the phone while taking sip from his energy drink and answers the phone.

So would you please go to the shop and order in person? Got any special plans for lunch? He disconnects the phone and puts it back on the table and goes to washroom to freshen up. Khushi pulls the door to the restaurant, and the sweet and fresh fragrant hits her senses, refreshing her mind of all the work issues momentarily. Payal waves at her from the table which she had just reserved.

Khushi walks towards her direction, and takes the spot opposite payal, and adjusts her grey pencil skirt and pink ruffle blouse. Kate-the-lawyer, miss nothing do you? A waiter walks upto their table, takes their order and leaves. Now it totally makes sense what makes my friend this contented! Payal blushes hard, and nods. She knew how hopelessly payal was in love with akash, and finally he proposed her. You guys were together last night huh?

Loved each an every but of it Uve already grabbed my interest with ur beautiful story Both Arnav an Khushi are narried to someone else..

Poor Arnav lost his 8 months old baby.. Shyam seems to be a good person Eargerly waiting for u to continue your story Would love to read what happens next And i think u should post ur story on India Forums everyone is gonna love it and appreciate ur efforts The pandit said as the man filled the partition of the woman with sindoor vermillion.

Though it was an arranged marriage she vowed to fulfil it till the end of her life. No matter what she will never leave the side of this man. Khushi Jha she thought smilingly adoring a slight blush on her face.

Khushi entered her new house not a bunglow but a small flat with one hall kitchen and two bedrooms. She could see only that much from where she stood right now. She grinned and a small colour of red creped her face as she saw Shyam coming in front of her with a plate of aarti. Khushi gave him a small smile and took a deep breath spilling the rice out of the kalash promising herself to fill his life with happiness just like these rice grains.

He took her hand and brought her in. He showed her through all the house and finally came towards bedroom. Suddenly Khushi felt wierd feelings take over her heart. Was she ready for this? Shyam sensed her being uncomfortable and immediately said,. Shyaam- Khushi this is your room. Khushi suddenly looked up at him wide eyed, a wierd feeling of relief washed through her.

As if someone had just lifted a huge wieght off her heart. Shyaam- Its ok Khushi, I understand. This all is new for us and I am not going to force you into anything.