Till Indien


Here is a picture of the school I visited today. Sa nu kan ni som är intresserade fa dela lite av min vardag och vad som hander dar!

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So there I was sitting in the middle of the classroom a little bit confused. I was supposed to meet with a french speaking woman but all the teachers spoke Tamil and just a little bit of english. The teacher answered that she was not. After a while it got a bit embarrasing because there I was in front of a bunch of school kids looking at me as if I was suppose to tell them something really interesting.

The teachers also asked me to tell the children something… So I told them my name, that I was from Sweden and where Sweden was. I then asked for the name of the school…. Finally I figured out that I had gone to the wrong school.

But the teachers was so happy to have me there so the children could have a good look at me it ended up being quite a nice improvised visit in the end…. I have now changed for the Johnny Capsule which will be my place for the next weeks. The privat kitchen garden and a lovely pineappleplant. They also have solarpanels for the electricity. Till Indien Den 1 mars aker jag till Indien i 9 veckor for att skriva mitt examensarbete i Landskapsarkitektur.

Here is a song that the children was practising in their songlesson. Visiting a school outside Pondicherry Here is a picture of the school I visited today. A misunderstanding… Today a quite funny but confusing thing happened. I felt like the most experienced traveller… We came to the school and I emediately met two teachers greating me and showing me the classroom.