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One that N Woodford has a stake in. In reply to post Were you not tempted to sell immediately Gus? Secondly, as evidenced by continual 'meet and greet' retail investors by the FD they have yet to find a genuine industry related shareholder on the register although I do accept this has improved over time ; this means fickle shareholders like us move in and out of the company on a regular basis.

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I am now utterly briliant again, and immerse myself in small caps, and am a walking encyclopedia on the subject. I love writing a daily report for on most weekday mornings, constantly researching daily results & trading updates for small caps. Cheese!

Given that corporate and social responsibility can potentially impact profitability and the cost structure of companies, it is worth comparing fundamental data and the risk-adjusted performance of SRI portfolios vs. For some investors, growth stocks appeal to their desire for high earnings potential, while value stocks featuring above-average dividend yields and low price-to-book ratios typically attract those hunting for a bargain. This report examines these two equity styles from an investible index viewpoint, and concludes:.

On the 5th of June, the ECB announced a monetary policy action to provide further stimulus for the Eurozone economy and to mitigate the material risk of deflation. This report looks into the EMU equities and fixed income performance, as compared to other benchmarks and in the context of the announced policy action. EMU equities appear to be catching up with global benchmarks after the underperformance experienced in Sovereign bond yields show substantial differentiation across EMU members, but the premium demanded by investors to compensate them for the credit risk of investing in Spanish or Italian debt is reverting back to the levels of the German or French issues.

Kreditinstitute und Finanzdienstleistungsinstitute ; Versicherungsunternehmen; Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaften, Investmentgesellschaften sowie ausländische AIF-Verwaltungsgesellschaften und von diesen beauftragte Verwaltungsgesellschaften; Pensionsfonds und ihre Verwaltungsgesellschaften.

Wichtige Hinweise zum Inhalt dieser Webseite. Investitionen in einem Produkt sollten nur nach gründlichem Studium des aktuellen Verkaufsprospekts sowie der wesentlichen Anlegerinformationen erfolgen. Die Informationen wurden unabhängig von spezifischen oder künftigen Anlagezielen, einer besonderen finanziellen oder steuerlichen Situation oder individuellen Bedürfnissen eines bestimmten Adressaten erstellt. Die Informationen dienen reinen Informationszwecken und stellen weder eine Aufforderung noch eine Einladung zur Offertstellung, zum Vertragsabschluss, Kauf oder Verkauf von irgendwelchen Wertpapieren oder verwandten Finanzinstrumenten dar.

Die nachfolgend beschriebenen Produkte bzw. Wertpapiere können in verschiedenen Gerichtsbarkeiten oder für gewisse Anlegergruppen für den Verkauf ungeeignet oder unzulässig sein.

Die nachfolgend zusammengetragenen Informationen und erlangten Meinungen basieren auf vertrauenswürdigen Angaben aus verlässlichen Quellen, erheben jedoch keinen Anspruch auf Genauigkeit und Vollständigkeit hinsichtlich der erwähnten Wertpapiere, Märkte und Entwicklungen. Die hiesigen und nachfolgenden Informationen dürfen ohne schriftliche Genehmigung der UBS AG — zu welchem Zweck auch immer — weder reproduziert noch weiterverteilt oder neu aufgelegt werden.

Verkaufsprospekte, vereinfachte Prospekte bzw. Wesentliche Informationen für den Anleger, die Satzung bzw. Die genannten Informationen sind weder als Angebot noch als Aufforderung zum Kauf bzw. Verkauf irgendwelcher Wertpapiere oder verwandter Finanzinstrumente zu verstehen. Die nachfolgenden Informationen und Darstellungen können Angaben zu Wertentwicklungen beinhalten. Die frühere Wertentwicklung ist kein verlässlicher Indikator für künftige Ergebnisse. Die dargestellte Performance lässt allfällige bei Zeichnung und Rücknahme von Anteilen erhobene Kommissionen und Kosten unberücksichtigt.

Kommissionen und Kosten wirken sich nachteilig auf die Performance aus. Sollte die Währung eines Finanzprodukts oder einer Finanzdienstleistung nicht mit Ihrer Referenzwährung übereinstimmen, kann sich die Rendite aufgrund der Währungsschwankungen erhöhen oder verringern.

Diese Informationen berücksichtigen weder die spezifischen oder künftigen Anlageziele noch die steuerliche oder finanzielle Lage oder die individuellen Bedürfnisse des einzelnen Empfängers. Die hiesigen und nachfolgenden Informationen stellen keine Steuer-, Rechts- oder Anlageangelegenheiten dar.

Mein Wohnsitz ist ausserhalb von Deutschland. Ich bin ein privater Investor. Multi-Factor Investing Weil Smart-Beta-Investments immer beliebter und viele neue Lösungen am Markt angeboten werden, überlegen sich potenzielle Investoren, wie sie diese in ihre Portfolios aufnehmen können.

Die Wahl des richtigen Alternative-Beta-Index. Inflationsschutz in einem Umfeld steigender Zinsen. Was, wenn die Inflation anzieht? Argumente für eine Zinsabsicherung.

Funktioniert faktorbasiertes Investieren noch? Wo sind heute noch Renditen zu finden? Passen Sie Ihre Portfoliostruktur an. CHF bonds and passive opportunities. CHF bonds and passive opportunities The Swiss Confederation has substantially reduced the issuance of new debt in recent months with volumes turning net negative, for the first time since Half-Year Review During 1H, global equity markets experienced mixed performance due to a variety of factors.

The year-to-date performance is related to long-term return, which allows one to spot some outliers and inliers. Similarly, the study looks into basic valuation ratios. Overall, developed equities have performed better than emerging equities with some exceptions like China or Russia. Within Eurozone equities, we look into several indices covering style investing, sector exposure and small-caps. Grexit lessons from past stress events. Grexit lessons from past stress events Should the Greek government fail to reach an agreement with its creditors and international partners during the meetings scheduled for the coming days, a further intensification in the crisis seems likely.

We study behaviour of key equity, government and currency benchmarks in view of past stress events. If you would like to write a letter to the editor, please forward it to letters globeandmail.

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Report an error Editorial code of conduct. Tickers mentioned in this story Data Update Unchecking box will stop auto data updates. Log in Subscribe to comment Why do I need to subscribe? Shareholders on the register report elsewhere that the annual report is a stapled photo copy and not a glossy item.

The company said in 1H16 that they were in discussions on several material proposals. In 2H16 they said they had entered into heads of terms. It's possible that they have had to incur upfront expenses. The bullish company comments on market conditions are welcome. And, as the company says, even a small imcrease in interest rates could have a material positive impact on net interest margin. Having been a shareholder of Avation LON: I largely agree with what other posters have mentioned in respect to the company.

This is a case whereby what the company has been doing for a number of years has resulted in continual good to excellent performance but the share price has not reacted accordingly. There are several factors for this in my opinion. Firstly they are a very small leasing company in comparison to the rest of the world; a minnow. Secondly, as evidenced by continual 'meet and greet' retail investors by the FD they have yet to find a genuine industry related shareholder on the register although I do accept this has improved over time ; this means fickle shareholders like us move in and out of the company on a regular basis.

Thirdly they are listed on the wrong exchange; this is not the sort of company that will get recognised on the LSE. Moving to NY or Singapore exchange would be beneficial and I suspect long term that is their strategy particulaly now that everything is reported in USD.

So, very well run company but share price driven by credit ratings improving , fleet size and retail investors. Last year the company was approached initially by non-aviation sector private company to buy the ATR fleet. As the company was and always has been trading below book value a sale at or above book value obviously increased the share price by a large percentage.

It's important to note that Avation did not market the fleet but someone came to them. As news spread about this offer it attracted a number of other parties to get involved. Given this is half the asset value of the company they were duty bound to take these offers seriously and hence engaged an experienced third party to handle it.

At the time Avation were of the mind that perhaps their business model could change somewhat and get into the business of creating aircraft fleet asset packages to be sold off above acquisition costs i. There are a number of so called ready made fleets out there which with Avations' experience and knowledge they could readily acquire.

That was their initial reaction anyway As time has gone on it seems apparent to me that their concern is that they wish to stay in the narrowbody market but valuations are very high now and the idea of buying ready made replacement fleets is not as easy as they initially thought. Therefore the loss of revenue and profits over the years it will take them to increase the fleet size again means that a massive premium would be required on the fleet sale.

Given the ATR fleet growth is going to be pedestrian and the yields on the jet fleet are relatively smaller then perhaps it is wise to keep the ATR fleet unless someone came up with a huge premium.

However they are into aircraft sales and selling a few ATR's, the older series is in line with normal trading. So it's all good for the company and the business but given the share price appreciation when the ATR sale was first announced I am certain there will be a meaningful fall in the share price if they announce the fleet sale is not going to happen; perhaps mitigated if at the same time they have secured sales on only part of the ATR fleet.

As a consequence I sold about a third of my substantial holding. However long term I'll probably be a buyer following the announcement of a failed ATR fleet deal because plugging various numbers into my finance model shows that full year profits are going to be good and I do believe in this company over the long term.

This year on year variability means that those forecast EPS figures can be materially affected. Seems a bit short sighted to accept such an offer. Although they did comment there was around 8 potential offers on the table, which gives a clear indication of demand out there at the minute, Holding out for now but i will consider selling if a off is accepted. Thanks for such a detailed post, some interesting insights. Thanks also to Graham for his review. JIM is a company that keeps giving for me and it's good to read that I'm not missing anything obvious.

JIM in which case I entirely agree with you. Brave Bison named the world's third biggest digital media publisher. Confused the page was written by Paul last year but later comments are for what happened this morning in May ? Then spent 8 years as FD for a ladieswear retail chain called "Pilot", leaving on great terms in - having been a key player in growing the business 10 fold.

If the truth be told, I partied pretty hard at the weekends too, so bank reconciliations on Monday mornings were more luck than judgement!! But they were always correct. I made millions, but got too cocky, and lost the lot in , due to excessive gearing. A miserable, wilderness period occurred from Since then, the sun has begun to shine again! Friday, Feb 17 by Paul Scott. StockRank - note that the Stockopedia computers picked up on the low quality of the business, and negative momentum in broker forecasts, awarding it a low StockRank; Tracsis LON: I'll put up an online form, for submitting questions, nearer the time.

The Group continued its cost restructuring efforts in the second half to reduce the cost base, whilst simultaneously continuing to invest in the ownership of intellectual property via owner operated channels and content. However, there's another bombshell to come; Revenues in will follow the difficult trend established in the latter part of and are expected to be substantially lower than those achieved in due to two material contract losses at the end of and the potential discontinuance of certain low margin business.

The Group is now largely focussed on higher margin products in line with the stated strategy of moving up the value chain. The overall impact of the above is that it is expected to take a little longer than originally anticipated to achieve profitability.

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