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Specifying a fixed size in pixels overrides all of this, but is unfriendly to users who need a larger image. It is possible that limited drug supply or other non-monetary bottlenecks, such as inadequate distribution system capacity or lack of government prioritization of the program, could limit the scale-up of SMC in the future. This is rendered inline, and the specified text is used as the image's alt attribute alternate text for programs which cannot display images, such as screen readers and as the title attribute supplementary text, often displayed as a tooltip when the mouse is over the image.

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In Silberstein described a bivector approach to the fundamental electromagnetic equations. For nine years he maintained this consultancy with Kodak labs while he gave his relativity course on occasion at the University of Chicago , the University of Toronto , and Cornell University. He lived until January 17, Though the text was not published in the proceedings of the Congress, it did appear in the Philosophical Magazine of May, , with the title "Quaternionic form of relativity".

The quaternions used are actually biquaternions. The book is highly readable and well-referenced with contemporary sources in the footnotes. Several reviews were published. Nature expressed some misgivings: In his review [7] Morris R. Silberstein is not inclined to emphasize the revolutionary character of the new ideas, but rather concerned to show their intimate connection with older ones.

On the basis of the book, Silberstein was invited to lecture at the University of Toronto. Silberstein, as an Invited Speaker of the ICM in in Toronto, gave a talk on A finite world-radius and some of its cosmological implications. In , following a controversial debate [12] with Einstein , Silberstein published a solution [13] of Einstein's field equations that appeared to describe a static, axisymmetric metric with only two point singularities representing two point masses.

In werden ze samengevoegd, omgeven door een gemeenschappelijke muur. Quedlinburg is een welvarende handelsstad geweest sinds de middeleeuwen. De hoeveelheid ongeveer 1.

De Stiftskerk van Sint Servatius is een van de meesterwerken van de Romaanse architectuur. The extraordinary and worldwide cultural importance of Quedlinburg is based on the close link between its history and architecture, which is intertwined with that of the Saxonian-Ottonian ruling dynasty. Following the coronation of Henry I to , the first German King from the Saxonian dynasty, the royal residence of Quedlinburg became the capital of the East Franconian German Empire, the "metropolis of the Reich" of the first German state.

A visible testimony to this dynasty is the Collegiate Church dedicated to St Servatius, which was one of the most highly esteemed churches of the Empire during the Middle Ages.

Its crypt, with cross vaults, capitals, tombs, and murals, constitutes one of the most significant monuments in the history of art from the 10th to the 12th century.

The crypt of the original building is included in the impressive church, which was built on a basilica floor plan from to Quedlinburg is of interest in a variety of ways. For medievalists, the town is an outstanding example of Middle Age history. It illustrates the typical development of a medieval town, originating from a castle village and several separate settlements.

Its value as a monument of urban architecture is based on the preservation of the town wall of , its surviving urban relations of the old parishes of St Aegidius, St Blasius, St Benedictus, and St Nicolas, and the urban building patterns with medieval and post-medieval timber-framed houses. The splendour of the metropolis of Quedlinburg from the 10th to the 12th century can be seen in the buildings on the castle hill.

The ground plan and very likely some original pieces inside the house have survived from the surrounding residential town of that time. The market settlement with merchants and craftsmen to the west, and later to the north, of the castle hill combined with smaller settlements to form the town of Quedlinburg. Quedlinburg experienced an economic boom during and immediately after the Thirty Years' War, and as a result, more timber-framed houses were built from the period of to than any comparable town in the region.

Align the top of the image to the top of the line containing the text. Normally this is slightly higher than the top of the text, to make space between lines of text.

Align the bottom of the image to the bottom of the line containing the text. Normally this is slightly lower than the bottom of the text. Any or none of these options may be specified to control the size of the image. In the case of images with captions, if the image is already smaller than the requested size, then the image retains its original size it is not enlarged.

In the case of images without captions, the image will be enlarged or reduced to match the requested size. Sizing is disabled when the type 'frame' is used. The default thumbnail width can be set in the preferences, so specifying in px is not recommended in order to respect the users' preferences, which may be important for accessibility.

Exceptions can, of course, be made, but do try to use upright or the default if possible. This means the server does all the work of changing the image size, not the web browser of the user. By having the server do all the work means faster downloading of pages. It also means that larger images can be stored on the server without any slowdown by the browser especially on dial up telephone lines. Only the data for the actual size on the page is transmitted. An exception is animated GIF images.

Animated GIF images are not processed by the server. When a smaller size is specified the original full sized animated GIF image is served. Whether the animated GIF image is subsequently scaled to fit the allotted space belongs to the capabilities of the receiving browser. Resizing an animated GIF image will significantly reduce its quality, without any reduction of download time.

Zero or more of these options may be specified to control the alt text , link title , and caption for the image. Captions may contain embedded wiki markup, such as links or formatting. Captions for discussion of appropriate caption text. Alternative text for images for discussion of appropriate alt text.

Internet Explorer displays the link title as a tooltip but other browsers may not. The actual alt text for the displayed image will be one of the following, in order of preference:. It is possible to specify the link title text only for images with no visible caption as described above. However, as not all browsers display this text, and it is ignored by screen readers, there is little point. Audio and video files should use timed text. Normally page 1 from a PDF file is used to generate the thumbnail.

The most basic example uses the syntax [[File: This does not scale the image or allow text to wrap around it. This is not normally appropriate in an article. This is rendered inline, and the specified text is used as the image's alt attribute alternate text for programs which cannot display images, such as screen readers and as the title attribute supplementary text, often displayed as a tooltip when the mouse is over the image. Above, the image of the Thames was put into its own paragraph.

This isn't mandatory; images can sit inline in text, as shown below. To display an image as uploaded with a caption use [[File: This is the style most familiar to readers. As shown on in the example image, the image is framed, is an appropriate size, and has text able to wrap around it.

A caption is properly integrated. The important part of this is the thumb parameter: The Palace of Westminster]] as shown in the left. For details of these options, see previous sections. It occurs only if:.

The first floating object on the latter side of the page won't float above the last floating object on the former see examples below. Solutions include alternating between left and right in aligning images or other floating objects not shown ; setting to "none" the alignment of the one that won't float above the others as demonstrated "live" on the population table here ; and using a gallery tag for large numbers of images in a single section. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

For more information on the gallery tag, see Help: The upright option scales larger or smaller in step with user screen resolution. With this option, the embedded image is shown with its actual size enclosed by a frame, regardless of the "thumb" or "size" attribute, and the caption, if any, is visible in the frame.