Lng Prices Into China


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China's appetite for liquefied natural gas LNG has not slowed, but its purchases have been spread more evenly, avoiding last year's sudden spike to meet winter demand, Australia's top independent LNG producer said on Tuesday.

LNG demand from North Asia's main hubs in Japan, China and South Korea has slowed in recent weeks, raising concern that forecasts for a milder than usual winter may dent consumption. There are also signs that the ongoing Sino-American trade war is starting to dent industry in China. It distorted prices, and it meant they were not able to get gas to consumers in China during the peak of winter. He said China has flattened that demand by buying across the year, while the volume overall has grown.

Coleman said Chinese demand for cargoes for delivery in February would be the real measure of how prepared the system is for winter. Those cargoes would need to be bought in December. Energy consultants Wood Mackenzie expects China's LNG demand to be 28 million tonnes this winter season, which runs from mid-November to mid-March, up 30 percent from last winter. Coleman said in the short-term there had been no impact from the U. LNG cargoes were making bigger margins flowing into Europe instead of Asia at the moment.

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