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USD to TL exchange rate. How much is Dollars (USD) in Turkish Liras (TL)? USD to TL exchange rate conversion.

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That is about 1, USD. I make more than 5, TL only because I teach private lessons. I wouldn't teach so many private lessons if my institution paid me more. However, I want to save money. If you can save even TL a month, that's an achievement. That is less than dollars. I managed to save TL, but it's difficult. Istanbul's very nice if you're a tourist or if you're earning dollars at some private school or you have a roommate, and you're making close to TL.

Living alone is not affordable for many people. Yeliz on Jan 17, What are the private and public schools in Istanbul? SRB on Dec 02, Hello, who knows how many universities in the city of Istanbul for engineering course Emine on Oct 02, Honestly, Istanbul is very costly for a person who has low income.

If the family members are working,Surviving becomes more easy but its not mean living a good life. I am sure,Turkish people are not really happy what they are earning. A new graduated person is working at least 8 hours in factory or in a cafe under stress and earning minumum wage is ,06 TL at the beginning.

If you are lucky you find a job with hours And you can earn TL In city centre, you are able to pay your rent and bills with this stupid salary and eat the room walls. Its not a life. For a european Turist Turkey is anice place,if you come here to work,think more. Anonymous on Sep 23, Anonymous on Sep 02, I visited Istanbul in , and these prices seem accurate, they may have increased in last year because of political instability and a authoritarian leader in charge who wants to take Turkey back to the Middle ages.

Look out for sandwich stall's that sell "Balik Ekmek" which is local fish seasoned in a bread roll for around 5 TL, very popular with locals. Even though I was a tourist, there are many great sights to see, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, a cruise down the Bosphoros at night is an absolute must! Despite all that i was acutely aware of the daily struggles local have, massively overpopulated, people desperate for every Lira they can get, much misery once you scratch under the surface.

In economic terms as a Westerner, local wealth is approximately half of Westerners. Hope iv'e given helpful information: Hendialys on Aug 14, I have been living in Istanbul for two years now.

I have never been to an expensive restaurant, have never bought anything pricey and have not even rented a bedroom every months could live with bf's parents few months in total.

I am taking the public transports very rarely. And yet I spent more than 20 euros in two years, and Had no income to balance, as you get euros a months for 6 days a week, hours job routines.

Istanbul is great to visit. Not to live unless you made lots of money abroad. No way to get money here unless you are an actor SRB on Aug 07, What is the cost of living in different cities of Turkey with all the costs of living in the moon? Hello, one can guide me that the cost of studying at universities in the city of Istanbul is private and state-owned. Anonymous on Jul 08, Hi, I would like to know that what is the cost of studying at the private and public universities and also the cost of studying in the elementary school in Istanbul, both monthly and yearly Mehmet Yüksel on Jul 06, I am living in Istanbul and the prices given on the list are correct.

Can on Jun 17, As an Istanbullite, the prices seem a little bit lower than they actually are. I am living in a 3 bedroom apartment with 2 other friends and paying TL for total.

I am pretty sure that you cannot find a lower rent in a moderate neighborhood. For a student, if you like to hang around regularly and usually eat outside, TL is required. Furkan on Jun 07, Anonymous on Apr 02, Anonymous on Feb 04, Purchasing Power Parity is far too low, if you won't make 5k in a month for one person, don't consider moving here! David on Jan 29, Istanbul is expensive for Turkish people because their income is lower than European people's income.

Selcuk on Jan 27, Recently Turkish Lira is loosing value against other currencies. Due to political uncertainity, turkish lira might loose even more value. Please keep this situation in mind while you do your planning Hello, my name is Susan and I am about to be an exchange in Istanbul.

I would like to ask if TRY are enough to spent a month including the rent. Thank you very much in advance!!! Tad on Jan 22, Hi all I am surprised th read some bullsit stuff like one idiot called Emre, I have been to Istanbul almost 6 times, apart from being very traffic, it is very target to hear this idiot talk non sense about Turks or Arab countries in away that mislead readers.

He should get out and back to Berlin instead of giving false information. I will be moving to Istanbul shortly because it is great place to live with great people to know. Alpay Türegen on Jan 10, If you think working or living in Turkey you can contact me from alpaytur hotmail.

Anonymous on Dec 06, Mahyar, you can leave with a teacher income. Bur you should find yourself private students. Mahyar on Nov 29, I'm planning to immigrate to turkey and I want some info about the city! I teach english,does anyone know how much is the income of a teacher there? Can I live with the income of just being a teacher?

Yuchell on Nov 05, Anonymous on Oct 05, You need minimum 5. SD on Oct 01, HANDE agreed, everything so expensive as to income! I was born in Istanbul and I live in Istanbul. Prices mentioned above are quite fake. If you come to or live in Istanbul or any other city , e-mail to barancemzurnaci hotmail.

Moreover, it is extremely hard to survive in Turkey in safe, due to terror, thieft, confiscating, usurping, raping, etc. So think twice or more to move to Turkey. Zoko on Aug 28, I have dual citizenship American and other I want to move to Turkey, does anybody what are the requirements to be able to live in Turkey.

How do I get work permit, etc. Thank you, trappedin on Aug 12, As of summer, middle-class life for a single person in Istanbul costs TL except rent. There aren't any vacancies for english speaking graduates in corporations. Other than that nothing really great about the tech package. Satisfied new lease owner 4. Car handles well and is impressively equipped with the technology package.

The sound system is great as is the voice command. The number of buttons can be daunting, but I find them useful. Styling is good and overall it is a great value, especially for a lease. Had an Altima that had better electronics and it was 4 yrs old.

The dealer and Acura dont seem to care to even discuss it. Auto door unlock feature slow and undependable. And the air cond is terrible! BTW, they even registered my name wrong with their website and still dont have it fixed. I like this car but the GPS drives me nuts. The GPS keeps voicing I'm on an unverified road. These streets have been here for over 30 years! This is so annoying especially if I'm on my cell phone or enjoying music. Wayne Acura, continues to tell me that Acura is aware of the problem and will fix it but they don't.

Additionally, it wants to route me in all sorts of crazy directions. Acura says it's because I live in a city of 10, but all my other cars including my Camry have absolutely no GPS problem. I owned TL-S and the new car is a substantial improvement over previous model. Could use a more adjustable positions for driver seat as an extra option I would buy it - 18 ways as Lexus.

Steering wheel adjustments should be automated and should be part of the driver memory positions. Also, the leather on the steering wheel is horrible - it feels dry and does not offer comfortable grip - I think it is even dangerous, especially if your hands are dry.

I had to get wood grain option. I missed having two front compartments from my old TL-S. Otherwise it is an excellent car and a joy to drive. Good job Acura engineers - very competitive car. I drive this car and enjoy the experience. I feel i have good ownership experience which includes - style, comfort, technology GPS, traffic alert, key less fob, I do agree that there are areas of improvement..

Interior is nice, but seemed a little on the cheap side. Leather was nice, but I heard a few squeaks during my overnight test drive. I am 6'1" and lbs wide shoulders. I was somewhat comfortable in the G37 but had the driver seat all of the way back and don't know how comfortable I would be after a 2 hour drive.

Interior was much more comfortable. Handling was just as solid as G Interior quality is nicer then Infiniti. This is my second TL. I gave up my with close to k miles on it, because it needed some minor repairs, but also because my family wanted me to switch it out for something newer.

It would have run much longer- no major problems in all that time. The new car is a great value. Good news- rock solid, better handling, excellent stereo, very comfortable. And, of course, the fact that it is a reliable Honda. But here's where they dropped the ball- too many buttons, incomprehensible logic in the controls, downgraded nav system compared to the ease and logic of my version.

And the trunk- what were they thinking? Can't get too much in. Awful 6 speed Transmission 2. The new 6 speed transmission is awful, in a weak attempt to squeeze extra MPG out of the car this is by far the worst transmission i have ever driven. Great bang for your buck! The GS is a great car, but I wasn't crazy about the interior layout or the wacky joystick and busy infotainment system. The BMW was too pricey after optioning it well.

Which brings me to the Acura. A great all around car with loads of refinement and plenty of technology and features for the money. I actually picked the AWD version because I love the standard wheels and the interior upgrades of the car. The car is so sexy with Crystal Black Pearl exterior and Umber leather interior, I really lucked up to snatch the car from the dealer a day after it arrived on the lot!

I traded my '06 i after a very expensive out of warranty repair. I've owned an '04 TL for 2 years preceeding the '06 i purchase in ' I had absolutely no issues with the TL and just the opposite with the i maybe I should listen to the Consumer Reports review, they were spot on with their review.

I love the entertainment and navigation systems and their ease of use. The TL handles with ease and is quite entertaining to drive and I love the engine sound at wide open throtle. The car is quite fast and a pleasure to drive.

Great car for the money 4. After driving BMWs for the past 6 years.. I decided to try out the TL. What a pleasant surprise.

Drives 'smaller' that it really is. The gas mileage so far is 25 mpg combined.. The 'punch' off the line is not as immediate as the i I had.

I do miss some luxury touches - rain sensing wipers, one touch triple turn signals, swiveling headlights, auto dimming side mirrors. Features you grow to appreciate and really miss when you don't have them. TL is impressively well balanced. At least in the 6MT, a great combination of sport, luxury and comfort. I've had issues with my most recent three sedans, yet, I really haven't found significant short comings in the TL. Although I liked the looks of others a little better, as soon as I drove this car I was sold!

This car is just plain fun to drive Controls are easy as is the Nav system, sound system phenominal, along with comfy but supportive seats.

You cant beat this car for "bang-for-the-buck". Very good but not deserving the TLC status 4. I own the TL Technology package for more than a month now.

The car is sporty indeed while comfortable and quiet. However my expectations were much higher from a car that claims to be a Total Luxury Car. While driving you can't rest your left hand by sitting your elbow on the door handle.

And even if you can it won't be at the same level as you right hand elbow. If you remove your foot off the gas pedal quickly it will hit the frame with a "clunk" type of noise very bothering. The worst probably is the navigation system that doesn't show your current speed, the speed limit of the road and most of the street names you driving by. Recently purchased a TL with Tech. For the price I paid the TL presented the best overall value.

Yes, I did consider all the other players in this market. Audi's spotty reliability was a killer. Couldn't justify the price of the Lexus which I find a bit sedate. Liked the Infiniti but find the styling a bit outdated. Certainly, the other vehicles I considered may better the TL in some areas and the TL may better them in other areas.

I do know, having driven the TL for a couple of months, my appreciation of the TL continues to grow. First time Acura buyer 4. Just got a TL Advance this week with 8 miles on it.

Currenlty have miles. The AWD defies physics in a way that would tempt me too much. It begs you to take turns at high speeds. The FWD felt faster in a straight line. When I mentioned this to the sales guy, he said that the FWD was in fact faster in a straight line, but Acura marketing didn't want that advertised, no idea if there's any truth there.

AWD comes with tighter side lumbar support and stiffer suspension. Suffice to say you owe it to yourself to test drive both to decide which is right for you. Acura cost cutting ruins this car for me 3. The TL is fun to drive and is well designed. Unfortunately, after living with it for 6 months the cost cutting Acura is so obvious that it ruins the car for me. Here are my annoyances, individually none of them are deal breakers but combined they kill my TL enjoyment Issue 1: The wheels of my 44k car are plastic.

The model were metal and looked a ton better. The bumpers of my white TL are a yellowish white that don't come close to matching the body when it's cloudy outside bought the car on sunny day so I didn't notice Issue 3: All the chrome paint has flaked off my key fob, the leather is low quality and wearing quickly, the back speakers rattle, etc. At the end of the day, a stronger loonie could impact the Canadian economy.

Its main goal is to boost the Canadian economy. Would you let your currency appreciate and miss out on economic growth? If I were the Bank of Canada governor, I would think of ways to bring the value of the loonie lower, so that I can meet my targets.

But will oil prices remain at these levels for an extended period of time? I highly doubt it. Even worse, global oil production is expected to increase soon. This statement may sound bold, but the recent move in the currency pair could be nothing but a dead cat bounce.