Kurdistan Regional Government


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The government however collapsed and resulted in a civil war breaking out in The last parliamentary meeting was held in The primary goal of the elections was to end party-rule in the Iraqi Kurdistan and unify the two major parties—the Kurdistan Democratic Party KDP and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan PUK —who fought a civil war in the mids over territorial disputes and control of the Kurdistan Region.

Previously, the region was divided up by administrative provinces that were under control of either the KDP or the PUK. In , the two parties created one unified list or coalition called the Democratic Patriotic Alliance of Kurdistan , which included several smaller parties as well. The coalition achieved of the seats in parliament. After six long months, the IKP finally agreed on administration positions.

In , the government was selected with Nechervan Idris Barzani as prime minister. Governorate elections were held in Iraq , in , including in the three Kurdish provinces. In total the PUK won the most votes during in these 3 provinces together with a total of , votes Other parties won only 4 seats in Kurdish provinces. Kurdish parties also won majorities in Ninawa and Kirkuk. The latest parliamentary elections were held on 25 July Major opposition parties include Change List and Reform List with 25 and 13 seats respectively.

Minority Turkmen have five seats and Christians Assyrians and Armenians are represented with four seats. This KRG government comprised 19 ministries. In , the KRG decided that the president would no longer be selected by parliament, and instead, direct elections would take place. The KRG has assumed governmental responsibility in the federal region of Iraq. As stipulated by the Iraqi constitution , Iraq will be divided into federal regions that will handle their own domestic affairs while the Baghdad central government will deal with international affairs.

The single most controversial issue regarding federalism is oil. The main Kurdish parties and Peshmerga cooperated with the US-led coalition during the invasion of Iraq that led to Saddam Hussein 's overthrow. Kurdish politicians were represented in the Iraqi governing council. On January 30, three elections were held in the region: The Kurdistan Regional Government currently has constitutionally recognised authority over the provinces of Erbil , Duhok , and Silemani , as well as "de facto" authority over parts of Diyala and Ninawa provinces as well as Kirkuk Province.

One particularly difficult issue yet to be resolved is the future boundaries of the region. Many Kurds wish it to be expanded to include the Kurdish majority city of Kirkuk , but this is complicated by the Assyrian , Turkmen and Arab populations of the city and the opposition of Turkey , which is concerned about the region's potential to break away from Iraq with possible consequences for its own Kurdish minority.