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After the credits roll, the player ends up back in New Bark Town in their room; however, Professor Elm calls, requesting a favor.

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Aqua , a ship that travels to and from Kanto , the region that Elm wishes for them to explore. On the first entry into the S. Aqua, a man will bump into the player, and will ask them for help as he has lost his granddaughter on the ship.

After locating her in the captain's cabin and reuniting her with his grandfather, the ship will arrive in Vermilion City , where the player will take their true first steps in Kanto. At this point, the player is given free rein to travel throughout the scaled-down Kanto region, and collect the eight Badges from Generation I 's Gym Leaders. The player can accomplish this in any order; however, certain events must be completed before some Leaders can be challenged. Giovanni , the previous Leader of Viridian City , has now left, and former Indigo Champion Blue is now its Leader; however, Blue is at the site of Cinnabar Island , musing over its destruction by the local volcano's eruption.

When found there, Blue will return to Viridian Gym to be battled. Blaine was the Leader of Cinnabar Gym ; when the town was destroyed, he took refuge in one of the Seafoam Islands and can be fought there. When the player has earned all eight Kanto Badges and, therefore, all sixteen Badges in the game , Oak allows them to venture to Route 28 and, past it, Silver Cave , a location where only the greatest of Trainers can venture.

If a battle between a Japanese game and a non-Japanese game is attempted, the battle simply does not work, with the save files left unharmed. Mystery Gift is a 2-player feature that allows players to be gifted a random item by interacting with another player. This feature uses the infrared port on the Game Boy Color.

Mystery Gift can be used up to five times per day, receiving no more than one gift from each player each day. When Mystery Gift is used to connect to another Generation II core series game, each of the connected games will receive a random item, and the opponent in the Trainer House will be replaced by that other player. Japanese and Western Generation II core series games do not recognize each other when attempting to link them via 3DS wireless communication.

These Gyms notably feature the types not accounted for by Kanto Gyms, with the exception of the Dark type. Gold and Silver introduce a new Elite Four syndicate, though it is found at the same location as it previously was in the Red and Blue versions: However, this situation did not occur with the remakes, HeartGold and SoulSilver. It has several functions, some of which will need to be unlocked during the game by receiving special expansion cards.

To obtain these Balls, Apricorns must be picked from special plants found throughout Johto, and Kurt in Azalea Town will fashion these into the different Balls based on their color.

However, Kurt can only make one Ball at a time, and players must wait until the next day for Kurt to finish the Ball. All Trainers battled by the player had their own unique name, and some would be available for rematches later in the game.

A time system was also introduced. Fathers always pass down TM moves that the baby's species could learn, which are valuable since some are only obtainable one time. If both parents know a move that the baby's species learns by leveling up, the baby is born knowing that move as well.

Fathers may also pass down special moves called "Egg moves" to the baby that it would not normally be able to learn by leveling up or evolving. Two new types were introduced: These two types serve to balance the Psychic type, which previously was only weak to Bug-type moves. Some type match-ups were changed as well. Four moves had their types changed: Gust , previously Normal-type, became a Flying-type move; Bite , previously Normal-type, became a Dark-type move; Karate Chop , previously Normal-type, became a Fighting-type move; Sand-Attack , previously Normal-type, became a Ground-type move.

Another major change from the original games was the splitting of the Special stat into Special Attack and Special Defense. Some were good special attackers, while others were better physical attackers; the same now held true for Defense and Special Defense.

Gold and Silver were generally well received. Copies of the Generation II games typically lose the ability to save in a shorter timeframe than copies of the Generation I games due to the battery maintaining both the saved game and real-time clock data, causing it to drain quicker.

The battery is replaceable with another one of the same kind a CR , or a CR , which is slightly thicker and lasts longer. Since it powers the save file, interrupting the power by removing the battery will cause any current save file to be lost. Third party devices such as the GameShark may offer ways to backup and restore the save file. However, not all of the old-style music is available on the CD.

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Mareep - Hatches from an egg obtained from Primo in the Violet City Poke Center as a reward for providing the correct secret phrase. The details on how to accomplish this and a link to a site to obtain the secret phrases from is provided in the body of the walkthrough for Violet City. Slugma - Hatches from an egg obtained from Primo in the Violet City Poke Center as a reward for providing the correct secret phrase.

Tyrogue - Received from the Karate King in the lower level of Mt. Mortar as a reward IF you beat him in battle. The Tyrogue you receive is Level 10 and tradeable.

Wooper - Hatches from an egg obtained from Primo in the Violet City Poke Center as a reward for providing the correct secret phrase. He will ask you what color stone you prefer, and based upon that choice, award you one of these starter Pokemon. Please note that some of these trades are really not worth doing because you are giving a better Pokemon than you are receiving, however all of the potential trades are included here in case you actually want to do these trades This is a pretty good trade because the Beldum you get from Steven has a Dawn Stone as its held item.

This is an outrageously unfair trade, and you would have to be a total git to do it, I am just saying. You can do this if you like,, but really Magneton are pretty easy to get, whereas Dugtrio are not so easy to get. The Pikachu that he trades you has a foreign Dex Entry, which is sort of cool, but other than that it is bog-standard. If you are not aware, a Bonsly is the first evolutionary form of a Sudowoodo there is only ONE Sudowoodo in the game, so if you killed rather than captured the one that was blocking the path you are SOL , but as the Rhyhorn arrives knowing the move Thunder Fang, this is actually a desirable trade To obtain the Bonsly you will need to breed your Sudowoodo with it holding a Rock Incense with a Ditto, and then hatch the egg.

This is actually a fair trade as the Haunters are easy to get, whereas Xatu? This site is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft, Sony, Sega, Nintendo or any video game publishers. Privacy Policy Terms of Service. Super Cheats is an unofficial resource with submissions provided by members of the public. These are not usually tested by us because there are so many , so please use them at your own risk. Log into your account here: Sign Up for free. Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums.

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